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When you use the "Try Idfyed" feature on our site, you provide us with information about you. We do not store this information, it is used only to show an example of how identification with Idfyed works. In connection with the login we create a short-lived cookie that disappears when you close your browser.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to follow your usage of our site to be able to improve it. Google analytics will create a set of cookies to be able to collect data such as if this is your first visit or if you have been here before or to know if you came to us trough an add.

Read more on how Google treats your information.

You are in control

If you choose not to allow cookies we will not add them to your browser and we will not track your usage of our site, we will however add att cookie called cookieChoice to remember your preference for the next time you visit us.

Your choice

Cookies enabled, we will use your data for improvements.
Cookies disabled, we will not set any cookies to track you.